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Besides the official Holland America Line sanctioned issues of tiles that were either for sale on board or otherwise from the Line or given away to preferred passengers, there are also some privately issues tiles depicting Holland America Line ships. I have been able to identify two such private issues, both from Canada that are worth mentioning and  both are listed here. You can reach me at tiemen @ halpostcards . com (spaces inserted to prevent autosearch by webbots)

Van Der Heide Publishing Co, Ltd
The Van Der Heide Publishing Co, Ltd from Langley, BC is from Dutch decent and published until recently a magazine targeted to Dutch Imigrants in North America called "The Windmill Herald". Over the years the company received lots of correspondence from immigrants and a recurrent request was the search for something that would commemorate the vessel that took the immigrant to the new world. The first such token, a Delft like tile with private artwork of the Groote Beer was an immediate success and 9 more Holland America Line tiles followed. Each issue consisted of standard pre-manufactured low run (in the 100-150 of each) 6" x 6" tiles with a cork backing. The company also provides a service of personalizing these tiles when ordered in quantities of 40+. The total series of Holland America Line tiles consists of the 12 tiles shown below. I have all tiles in my collection.

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          vdh-alblasserdyk                          vdh-edam                                   vdh-groote-beer                          vdh-leerdam    

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   vdh-maasdam                      vdh-nieuw- amsterdam                        vdh-rijndam                           vdh-seven-seas

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vdh-veendam                               vdh-volendam                             vdh-waterman                           vdh- zuiderkruis
The <unknown company> initially was in competition with Van Der Heide Co, Ltd but through the connection of the latter with "The Windmill Herald" magazine, it had a wider Dutch audience and was able to sustain a larger market. The tiles depict a photographic image of the Holland America Line ship with text pertaining to the actual emigration from the Netherlands. Though these tiles are artistically superior to the Van Der Heide tiles, which are very simple in nature, they never caught on and their numbers are extremely low. Besides tiles, the company also manufactured coffee mugs with the same images as the tiles. The following images depict the tiles currently known. Any information about the company and the tiles manufactured is highly appreciated, please contact me at the provided email address. I need all tiles for my collection.

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