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The Earliest Tiles

The earliest tiles we know of were issued by the Holland America Line in the 1900-s. Below is an example of a tile made by Plateel Bakkerij Zuid Holland (Tile Bakery South Holland); it depicts the ss Rotterdam IV and dates approximately 1920.


These earliest tiles are very elusive and only show up on auctions infrequently. When they are offered for sale, they usually find several equally determined bidders which tends to drive the value. The ca 1910 tile below depicts the ss Rotterdam IV and is a product of Plateelbakkery Zuid-Holland (PZH), a renowned maker of high quality ceramics. I need any tile not depicted here.

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There is little known about the early tiles, even those from the post World War II era, as neither the Line, nor the tile manufacturers like Goedewaagen have any remaining records. The only knowledge we have is incidental through collectors who have some of these tiles, through the continuous monitoring of auctions and through the memories of travelers and personel of the Line. The 6" x 6" tiles have the text "Compliments of the Holland America Line" on the back. We thank Ton Rijppeart for the image of the 1960-couple tile.  I need 1960-fish-seller, 1960-couple and other any tile not depicted here.

I need this tile  I need this tile  Collection Spits  Collection Spits
1960-fish-seller                          1960-dyke-boy                             1960-half-moon                          1960-horseman

I need this tile


There are currently two different tiles known as depicted below. The tiles depict cultural images of the Netherlands through the ages. The 1980-s test tiles are from the collection of Ton Rijppeart. I need 1970-man-o-war and 1970-windmill and the test-tile issues and any other tile not depicted here..

need for my collection  need for my collection  
1970-man-o-war                          1970-windmill

need for my collection  need for my collection   need for my collection 
1980-test-tile-01                          1980-test-tile-02                          1980-test-tile-03

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